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jueves, 29 de noviembre de 2012

ENTORNO: the city of Vigo (Spain) and its companies (in English)

Vigo is one of the largest cities of Spain. It is located in the northwest of the country, in the region of Galicia. In general the city is known as "the industrial engine of Galicia" due to the fact that Vigo has a diversified industry, and many companies from all sectors: frozen food, automotive industry, ship building, textile, chemical, preserved food, logistics...

Vigo is a business city: here there were born many companies, big and small, from all the industries. The port of the city has let to grow a very important industry related with the sea and the maritime trade in general. Vigo produces and exports cars, fish, clothes, frozen food, ships, chemical products... and an huge variety of all kind of products and services.

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